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Web Design for small businesses

We build to support emerging businesses and entrepreneurs

Goats and Horses is an Ottawa based company. We produce responsive, clean and user-friendly web design for small businesses.

We understand how complicated and time-consuming building a business or an idea can be. We focus on growth, planning the right steps and streamline processes that will make it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to move forward.

We do actually care

Design made Simple

Craft a brand strategy that stands out, connects with customers, and achieves business goals.

Business made Efficient

Focus on the the results with action plans on executing a holistic brand and user experience.

Growth made Practical

Focus on growing your business while we handle operational development.

Devices made Accessible

Developing user-centric solutions that reflect your brand’s character.

Current Projects

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We work with people and businesses to help them in the evolution, reinvention or creation of their brand. We apply strategic thought to deliver effective design solutions across sectors at every scale.

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